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Benefits of ASP.Net over ASP Technology

ASP.Net is the next generation of Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology platform. ASP.Net is superior to ASP in the following ways:
  • Compiled Code – ASP.Net provides greatly increased performance by running compiled versus interpreted code.
  • Language Support – While ASP supported VBScript (a subset of Visual Basic) and Jscript (a subset of Java), ASP.Net supports standard programming languages including Visual Basic, C# and C++.
  • Strict Coding Requirements – Developers are forced to adhere to strict coding standards. This promotes a professional engineering approach to ASP.Net application development and results in code that is generally less buggy than its ASP counterparts.
  • Event-Driven Programming Model – All ASP.Net objects on a Web page expose events that can be processed by ASP.Net code. Handling events such as Load, Click and Change via code reduces program complexity and increases organization.
  • Third-Party Controls – The ASP.Net community has been growing rapidly for the last two years. There is a large base of high-quality third-party controls that can be obtained to significantly speed up development time and reduce cost.
  • User Authentication – ASP.Net supports forms-based user authentication, including cookie management and automatic redirection of unauthorized logins. ASP.Net allows for user accounts and roles thus providing a high degree of granularity for controlling access to objects and pages.
  • Easier Configuration & Deployment – Configuration is done with plain text files which can be uploaded or changed while the application is running. There is no need to restart the web server to affect a change.
  • Object and Page Caching – ASP.Net objects and pages can be cached to dramatically increase performance. The caching system is very advanced, allowing you to specify what needs to be cached and what doesn’t and when to recall the cached information rather than perform a new request.
  • Higher Scalability – ASP.Net has some great scalability features built into it, including maintaining session state across servers, and multi-processor load balancing.

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