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Website Programming - BlueCMS

The Power of Content Management. (BlueCMS)
Does your Website allow you to login from any computer and make changes to your Website? If not, you need to consider BlueCMS, a state-of-the-art, robust, content management system. It's a simple-to-use system that anyone in your office can learn in a few minutes.

Get Control of Your Website with BlueCMS.

You'll see instant ROI as you launch new pages, add press releases, edit text, add graphics, update schedules, change  prices, update inventory, etc. 

Companies no longer have to wait on an "outside" web team to make Website changes. From any computer anywhere you'll have access to your website. That's the control you need today to keep your site current and ready to do business.

Best of all, you'll edit your site from a WYSIWYG user interface. If you can work in Microsoft Word, this will be a breeze. 

BlueCMSTM allows anyone to edit his or her website regardless of technical skill level. Pages can be added, deleted or changed easily without knowledge of programming. Multiple people or departments can make updates to the web site.

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