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BlueCMS Description

BlueCMS is an ASP.Net-based Web Content Management System designed by DublinBlue to enable customers to modify their web site using a convenient WYSIWYG interface via a web browser. Features include the ability to create and manage layout templates, build and interconnect individual pages, edit page content, and manage navigation elements.

BlueCMS includes a role-based security module

designed to enforce the process of site management in an organization with multiple users and/or departments. Roles can be created to provide access to portions of the site and then to grant or deny permissions for changing layouts, pages and content. Users are then created and mapped to the appropriate role. For example, a “Site Administrator” role may be created to allow complete access to all pages and all tools while a “Marketing” role may be created to allow creation and management of individual pages, but to restrict changes to page layouts, thus ensuring design consistency across the entire site.

The BlueCMS rich-text content editor enables non-technical users to author and manage HTML content as easily as writing a Word document. The content editor can easily handle text, images, tables, hyperlinks, Flash and Windows Media. Features include a toolbar, font management, link management, table management, document uploads, spell-checking and cross-browser support (IE 5.5+, Mozilla 1.3+, Netscape 7.1+).

BlueCMS has an open architecture and can be extended to contain custom modules designed to meet the unique needs of a customer. Some typical extended modules include News, Press Releases, Calendars and Surveys. BlueCMS contains a secured Administration area for Roles-based content management of custom modules and navigation elements.

BlueCMS runs on Microsoft Server 2000+ operating systems with Internet Information Server 5.0+, ASP.Net 1.1+ and can be interfaced with SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Benefits of ASP.Net

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