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BlueCMS Features

When choosing a technology to base your website on, it's important to look at the features each solution has to offer.  Will it meet your immediate needs? Will it facilitate ease of management? Can it be extended to meet future needs? Will it be around next year?

Below we've highlighted just a few of the features contained within BlueCMS.  Our custom websites begin with the features you see below and expand to include unique capabilities built to customer specifications.  If there's something particular you're looking for, contact us - chances are we can meet your request. 

Secure - Only individuals granted access to the website can edit content.  Furthermore, you can easily specify which pages an individual or group can modify through the built-in Manage Roles feature. 

Multi-user - With BlueCMS, multiple individuals can be in the website editing content at the same time.  What does this mean to you?  Efficiency - multiple departments managing their own content in the site without interfering with each other or waiting for their turn to access the website.

Ability to add/edit/remove users - System Adminstrators have the ability to create user accounts and grant them limited or full access to the back-end of your website.  Changing a user's password and privileges is accomplished via a few clicks.  Just as easily you can completely remove a user from your system. 

Dynamic content – The content of a BlueCMS site is dynamically-generated. That means that web pages are created on-the-fly, based on data that you previously supplied to the website. This gives you tremendous flexibility in deciding what content to display. For example, you could define a home page that is tailored to government visitors and a separate home page that is displayed to all others. BlueCMS dynamic web pages can even contain areas that show changing content. For example you could have an area that displays random content (like a testimonial or analyst quote), scrolling content (like stock tickers and marquees) and self-expiring content (like event listings that automatically stop displaying when they expire).

Easy content editing – If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the BlueCMS editor.  The toolbar and features of the editor are simple and intuitive to use.  Anyone can add/delete/modify content in a BlueCMS website.  You don't need high technical skills to perform the tasks you used to have to call a webmaster for.  You can even upload and insert pictures, Windows media, flash movies and documents from a simple, intuitive interface.

Immediately publish your changes - After making edits in BlueCMS, updating your live website to reflect the changes is just a button click away.  Hit update and it's there for the world to see.  No more paying a high hourly rate and waiting hours, days or weeks for a change.  Now you can do it on your own and instantaneously.

Page templates maintain a consistent design - After you've approved the design for your new BlueCMS website, our team will set the page templates for every page on your sitemap.  What does this mean to you?  Consistency - your website is an extension of your company, a branding tool, it's important to maintain the look and feel of your brand through every page of your website.  Page by page your site will strengthen your brand in the mind of the consumer. 

Auto-populating Breadcrumbs control - This built-in navigational control allows a user to see where they are in your page hierarchy at any time. They can choose to move up a level or two by clicking on the appropriate link. This feature also helps to raise your search engine visiblity by giving search engine spiders some meaningful text to index with links to other pages.

Auto-populating Sitemap control - As you add and/or delete pages from your website, your SiteMap page will automatically reflect the changes.  No longer do you have to make the same page change in two different places. This control also greatly contributes to search engine visibility since it indexes each page by a "friendly" name that you specify. Hint: If you choose keyword-rich terms for your "friendly" page names, you are well on your way to improved search engine rankings.

Editable Navigational elements - Have you ever wished you could add, rename or delete a menu option? Ever wanted to add a new sub-menu tree to your website? With most solutions, you need to have a web programmer make these kinds of changes. With BlueCMS, you have the tools you need to easily modify your menus. You can add menu items, create new pages and tie them together with just a few simple steps.

Open-architecture – BlueCMS is based on the latest industry-standard ASP.Net technology. That means that not only will it be supported and enhanced well into the future -- you can also purchase third-party components that will easily integrate into your web site.  If you decide that you need features that are not already contained within the BlueCMS solution, we can extend your site with custom functionality tailored to your unique requirements.

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