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Other Internet Marketing Services

Gateway/Landing Page Development
Gateway and Landing Pages are typically created for a given search term and optimized for placement at or near the top of the major search engine results pages. Although, the names are sometimes used interchangeably, Gateway and Landing pages have different usages.

Gateway pages are usually designed to place the most important keywords near the top of the page at the expense of aesthetics. Gateway pages provide a prominent link back to the main web site.

Landing pages are typically employed to receive targeted web traffic from a particular ad campaign. When used properly, they can ensure that 100% of the traffic originated from the campaign. For this reason, Landing pages are usually disconnected from the main web site and are not promoted to the search engines.

Basic Site Submission
After site optimizations are complete, DublinBlue will submit the client’s site to the top free search engines and directories. Note that it can take up to 90 days for inclusion into the major search engines. Due to the volume of submissions received by the major search engines, repeated submissions may be necessary.

Premium Site Submission
Several of the major search engines and directories charge an annual submission fee for commercial websites. These submission charges vary and will be quoted upon request.

Monitoring & Reporting
Search engine ranking results can change from week-to-week due to competition and modifications to search engine algorithms. Maintaining a top ranking requires constant monitoring and rework. Combining a pay-for-position campaign with this monitoring & reporting task creates a “closed loop” marketing system that allows for the efficient use of pay-for-placement campaign budgets. DublinBlue will work to maintain search engine ranking gains while providing the client access to near real-time website statistical tracking and analysis data. Reports can include keyword and search engine performance, visitor statistics, and site navigation paths.

Link Development
Link popularity has become increasingly valuable in boosting search engine rankings. DublinBlue will contact websites that complement the client’s company and offerings to request inbound links to the website. DublinBlue will screen the prospective link sites to ensure that the inbound links originate from quality, non-competing websites that are likely to provide a positive effect on search engine rankings. Referral web traffic and increased brand awareness are spin-off benefits for this activity. As with search engine submissions, measurable results can take several weeks.

BluePromoteSM Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay For Placement (P4P)

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