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Pay For Placement (P4P)

A well-designed and executed P4P campaign is an effective way to drive immediate web traffic. A P4P ad can reach up to 85% of all web users on the most popular search engines including Google, AOL, AskJeeves, Earthlink, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Excite, Web Crawler, Metacrawler, Dogpile, and the auto-search feature of the Internet Explorer web browser. Our P4P programs give you complete budgetary control to spend as much or as little as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Our expertise in keyword research, creative copy writing, bid and budget management, geographic-targeting and other advanced techniques will produce a demonstrable return for your P4P advertising budget. P4P ads draw qualified website visitors and can produce results much faster than any other form of media.

Our P4P process is comprised of 4 major steps: Analysis, P4P Strategy Development, Ad Creation and Bid Management. Each step is detailed below.

If an SEO project has not been conducted for your website, the P4P project begins with you completing a SEO Worksheet. The SEO Worksheet provides DublinBlueTM specialists with information about the business and its products and services; geographic considerations; the target audience profile; current marketing activities; your goals and objectives; competitor information; and a beginning list of keyword phrases.

The Analysis step then continues through two tasks: Competitive Research and Keyword Analysis.

Competitive Research

During this task, in-depth research is conducted to determine the P4P strategies of each primary competitor. Competitive strategy research includes keyword selection, ad copy, average positioning for each ad, average cost-per-click per ad, estimated clicks-per-month per ad and total estimated P4P budget.

Keyword Analysis

Next, we work with you to define the keyword phrases that are relevant to your target audience. We use the Google Adwords suggestion tool, the Overture keyword suggestion tool and Wordtracker to determine the best keyword phrases to target. The Wordtracker tool includes statistics developed from over 360 million searches within the last 60 days and is used to identify search terms that have relatively low competition.

Based upon the competitive and keyword analysis results, we create a keyword recommendation list that includes monthly search estimates. This list is then reviewed, edited and finalized by you.

P4P Strategy Development

A P4P strategy is then developed with the goal of outperforming the highest-ranking competitors in each of the major pay-for-placement search engines.

The P4P strategy includes comprehensive competitive analysis and the finalized target keyword phrase list. The finalized list includes a combination of popular higher-cost keyword phrases and obscure lower-cost keyword phrases. The strategy includes ad copy, recommended positioning, estimated cost-per-click, estimated clicks-per-month and total estimated budget; recommendations for the use of broad-matching capabilities and exclusion techniques; and suggested geographic-targeted phrases.

Ad Creation

Once the keyword phrases and bid strategy have been determined, DublinBlueTM will create highly effective P4P ads designed to draw qualified visitors to the website.

Bid Management

DublinBlueTM can run your P4P campaign efficiently via our professional bid management program. We monitor your ads several times per day and adjust bids based on the pre-determined P4P strategy and your approved budget. Our specialists work to maintain bid levels to minimize lost revenue and ad dollar waste; and to reduce the damage from competitor’s aggressive bidding strategies.

P4P Benefits & Deliverables

  • P4P Strategy Document
  • Comprehensive Analysis of each Major Competitor’s P4P Strategies
  • Finalized Target Keyword Phrase List
  • Benchmark of Current Rankings 
  • Creation of Ad Copy
  • Ad Placement within Pay-For-Placement Search Engines
  • Ongoing Bid Management
  • Immediate Increased Rankings

Analytics and Reporting

Search engine ranking results can change from week-to-week due to competition and modifications to search engine algorithms.  Maintaining a top ranking requires constant monitoring and rework. Through this service, DublinBlueTM works to maintain search engine ranking gains while providing you access to near real-time website statistical tracking and analysis data.

Combining this service with our P4P program creates a “closed loop” marketing system that allows for the efficient use of your campaign budget. DublinBlueTM can optimize your P4P campaign by correlating relevant data from Overture, Google and third-party web tracking services to determine the performance of each keyword phrase by search engine. With this knowledge, we can react quickly to ensure your campaign is delivering the highest value by excluding keywords that aren’t performing and expanding keywords that are.

All reports are formatted for business and marketing managers They are not the cryptic log files that are typically used by IT managers. The data that we provide to you includes: Page Views (by Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year)

  • Unique Visitors (by Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year)
  • Traffic Origination
  • Keywords Used by Search Engine
  • Frequented Pages
  • Visitor Information (Including Web Browser, Operating System, Country and Language)
  • Traffic by Time of Day
  • Navigation Paths
  • Defined Events (Orders, Registrations, Password Changes, Your Custom Event)

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