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These are a few of the projects that we have completed for our customers:

Adams State College

Adams State College was looking for a complete website redesign.  The following website design requirements were identified:

  • Professional design that complements the college’s brand
  • User-friendly navigation that is easy to maintain
  • "Rock solid" CSS that can be easily updated
  • Ability to easily add/remove elements on the sub-pages

Their visitors use various PC- and Mac-based web browsers so they needed a solution that was cross-browser compatible with complete support for older browser versions. Using the latest web development standards such as XHTML version 1.1 and Cascading Style Sheets version 2.0, we delivered page templates that maintain their normal appearance across a wide variety of web browsers and that were fully validated by the W3C standards tests.

Air Academy Associates

Air Academy Associates is a leading provider of innovative Six Sigma consulting and training services, e-learning solutions, public workshops, textbooks, training aids, and software for clients worldwide.  They came to us seeking better design and functionality in their website.  Through redesign we were able to leverage their brand and by adding ecommerce functionality to their site, we offered new and existing customers a new avenue for attaining products. The addition of a customer portal allowed them to provide a private downloads area for their consultants and a separate informational area for their clients.

Andara Gifts

Andara Gifts sells high-quality handcrafted gifts from all around the world.  In addition to the standard shopping cart, payment processing and ecommerce functionality; they also wanted a complete web-based fulfillment system. By utilizing a SQL server database, C# programming and ASP.Net technology, we delivered a complete solution, tailored to their unique needs, that allows them to process an order from sale through delivery -- all from a web browser. 

Brook Park Dental

Brook Park Dental is a general dentistry practice based in Colorado Springs. They recently expanded their practice and were looking to promote their services via the web. By utilizing our BlueCMS content management system, they were able to create pages on their own, upload pictures, and write copy to create a content-rich web site for prospective customers. We launched a local search engine Pay-for-Placement campaign that provides a stream of local, qualified website visitors. New patients can even schedule their first appointment online without calling into the office. 

Cameron's Cookware

Camerons Cookware was looking for an updated shopping cart that would be easier for their customers to use. They also had developed good search engine placement over the years and they wanted to be sure that the new website would not lose their good positioning. With BlueCommerce, we were able to provide them with a more intuitive and modern shopping cart and that has eliminated the customer service issues they were experiencing with the prior system. We configured their new site to redirect their old page names to the new pages and to add a number of search engine optimization elements into each page. The end result is that they not only retained their positioning in the search engines, they actually gained even better placement and more web traffic.


Casino-Network.com is a comprehensive casino and gambling website providing visitors with easy to navigate information on a range of related subjects.  For Casino-Network.com, the ability to add and delete pages and modify content from any computer with an internet connection was a much needed solution to a long battled efficiency problem.

Certainty Practice Products and Seminars

Certainty Practice Products & Seminars is a leading trainer of Chiropractic practices located all over the world. Certainty’s programs have helped over 25,000 chiropractors to achieve maximum retention, growth and stability within their practices.  They came to us looking for increased search engine visibility, a better design and additional ecommerce functionality. In addition to providing a redesign that better leveraged their brand, we gave them the ability to accept seminar registrations online. Within a few weeks of re-launching, they were enjoying increased search engine visibility and sales.


Configuresoft is the recognized leader in highly scalable, enterprise IT infrastructure compliance, configuration management, and security patch management technology.  They had the following objectives for the redesign of their website:

  • Generate qualified leads from web site
  • Redefine online brand (communicate value of company not just product)
  • Provide online tools to support the sales force
  • Create communication platform to generate buzz during downtime in product development cycle
We added a feature to our BlueCMS content management system to allow them to redirect government and enterprise website visitors to a home page that is tailored for them. To help them maintain frequent communications with their customers, we provided a WYSIWYG Newsletter editing environment that allows them to compose Newsletters on-line and generate an HTML file that can be processed by their third-party emailing company. Customers can click on links embedded within the Newsletter email to be redirected back to the web site to receive additional information. 

Double Eagle Conference Center

The Double Eagle Conference Center is a new conference facility located in Cripple Creek, Colorado. They wanted to create a website that could be used to promote the new facility and to allow customers to reserve conference rooms via the web. Through high-levels of design, functionality, search engine marketing and other effective Internet marketing methods, a powerful direct sales and marketing channel was developed for the convention center.

El Tesoro

El Tesoro, “The Treasure”, is a popular Southwestern style restaurant and art gallery located in Colorado Springs. They came to us looking to update the design of their web site and to move to a content management system.  They also wanted the ability to connect with their customers via email. With our built-in Newsletter editing and sending features, they are now able to very easily reach out to their patrons via periodic HTML-based Newsletters. Everything they need to manage their mailing list, compose and send emails and allow patrons to “opt-out” of future mailings is provided via a secure, private area of the website.

Intuitive Seminars

Three companies: Intuitive WebsitesSandia, Inc., and DublinBlue, Inc. created Intuitive Seminars as a vehicle for conducting educational seminars to present proven web strategies, techniques, and ideas to enable new and re-designed web sites to achieve their maximum potential. This site includes a 50-point questionaire that customers can complete online to illuminate weak points in their current web sites.

Johannes Hunter Jewelers

Our objective with this client was to develop a website that would primarily serve as a branding vehicle, giving the jewelry store an online presence that they didn't previously have.  The website serves as somewhat of an online gallery where customers and prospects can enjoy viewing the jewelry collections and learning about the designers. The site, designed by Sandia, Inc., won the 2005 ADDY award for best Interactive design. 

Louie's Pizza

Louie’s Pizza, a popular chain of pizza shops located in Colorado Springs, wanted to have a presence on the web to better serve their customers.  Louie's Pizza wanted to offer their customers the ability to view menus, locations, scheduled events and sign up for a mailing list on a simple yet professional website.  On top of these objectives the company also wanted to include the ability to offer customers printable coupons that could be updated and changed with little effort.

National Cookware

National Cookware is an Internet-based retailer of quality tools for the home chef. National Cookware was looking for an ecommerce system that would serve as their Internet storefront and provide back-office integration with their accounting and inventory systems and tie directly to UPS Worldship. We leveraged our BlueCommerce and BlueCMS technologies to provide a storefront that presents featured, clearance and best-seller products in a convenient, easily-navigated manner and that provides tailored content based upon the search string the customer used to find the web site. The back-office integration allowed National Cookware to streamline their operations.


The Off Campus Meal Plan website provides college students the ability to subscribe to and manage a prepaid meal card plan. The meal cards are accepted at a number of popular restaurants near the campus. When a meal card is used at a restaurant, the information is gathered via a point-of-sale terminal and transmitted through a financial network back to the website. The users can then see usage reports and recharge their meal plan.  Restaurant owners are able to login to the website to pull usage reports for their establishments.

Pueblo Bank & Trust

Pueblo Bank & Trust wanted to update their website design to include pages for each of their locations and to promote their personal and commercial banking products. With our BlueCMS content management system, Pueblo Bank & Trust was able to easily add the necessary pages to their site. They were concerned with the security and privacy of their information. We created an enhanced email feature for the site that allows them to provide email access to loan and trust officers located throughout their branch offices without having to publish their email addresses.

Sandia, Inc.

A full service marketing, advertising and design firm made up of dedicated, experienced, professionals that have worked together for many years. Sandia was looking for a content management system that would also allow them to provide a secure area for exchanging files with their clients. With their experience working within the limitations of several content management systems based on older technology, they were pleased to find the wealth of features provided in a solution that is within the budgetary reach of small and medium-sized businesses.

Tommy G Productions

With Tommy G Productions, our objective was to develop a website that showcased their services and promoted their events. The website content needed to be dynamic but they didn't want to have to modify web pages to add and delete events. We achieved this by developing an event system that allows them to easily define future events from a web browser. Once entered, events are automatically displayed until the event is concluded. Event cease to be displayed after the end date, with no action required by the system administrator.


XAware's objectives in the redesign of their website were to extend their new brand ID to the website while simplifying the design and removing unnecessary pages and information from their previous site.  The capabilities of BlueCMS allowed them to do much of this for themselves.  With a design and page templates in place, they were able to load as much (or as little) information on to the new site as they saw fit. 


zeeWAVES is a recognized leader of smart antenna technology to the wireless communications industry. They came to us looking for a redesign, a content management system, and some custom functionality. We provided an updated design, our BlueCMS content management system, and a White papers registration system that allows them to gather contact information before allowing web users to view their White papers. 

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