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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
SEO is the process of increasing a website’s ranking in major search engines and directories for a given list of relevant keyword phrases.

Is Your Website Search Engine friendly?

Search engines change their rules every couple of months to "level" the playing field. Unless you're on top of the changes, you'll continue to miss opportunities to keep your site near the top of the listings.

How does SEO work?
SEO is accomplished by identifying the keyword phrases that are most beneficial to the website; optimizing the website’s meta-tags and page content; and removing barriers to search engine crawlers.

DublinBlue™ utilizes only ethical SEO techniques that strictly adhere to published search engine standards and recommendations. Once optimized, we submit your website to the most popular search engines and directories. The result is that the overall quality and quantity of site traffic is greatly improved.

Our SEO process is comprised of 4 major steps: Analysis, SEO Strategy Development, Optimization and Submission. Each step is detailed below.

Analysis - The SEO project begins with you completing a SEO Worksheet. The SEO Worksheet provides DublinBlueTM specialists with information about the business and its products and services; geographic considerations; the target audience profile; current marketing activities; your goals and objectives; competitor information; and a beginning list of keyword phrases.

The Analysis step then continues through three tasks: Competitive Research, Keyword Analysis and Website Analysis.

Competitive Research - During this task, in-depth research is conducted to determine the SEO strategies of each primary competitor. Competitive strategy research includes keyword selection, meta-tag contents, page contents, link popularity and search engine ranking. In short, we determine what is working and what is not working for each of your major competitors.

Keyword Analysis - Next, we work with you to define the keyword phrases that are relevant to your target audience. We use the Google Adwords suggestion tool, the Overture keyword suggestion tool and Wordtracker to determine the best keyword phrases to target. The Wordtracker tool includes statistics developed from over 360 million searches within the last 60 days and is used to identify search terms that have relatively low competition.

Based upon the competitive and keyword analysis results, we create a keyword recommendation list that includes monthly search estimates. This list is then reviewed, edited and finalized by you.

Website Analysis - Next, our SEO specialists study your website structure; loading speed; meta-tags; navigation elements; page content; search engine friendliness; and in-bound, outbound and broken links. The goal of this task is to identify the necessary changes to improve overall visibility in crawler-based search engines and to remove any website indexing barriers. Improving certain elements of your website’s architecture and design can increase the number of pages that are indexed and will increase the likelihood that your pages will rank higher.

Link popularity has become increasingly valuable in boosting search engine rankings. DublinBlueTM will create a list of prospective link sites that are likely to provide a positive effect on search engine rankings. Referral web traffic and increased brand awareness are spin-off benefits of an effective link optimization program.

Finally, baseline search engine index values are recorded to measure how deeply a website is indexed within the major search engine databases prior to the optimization and submission steps.

SEO Strategy Development
A SEO strategy is then developed with the goal of outperforming the highest-ranking competitors in each of the major search engines.

The SEO strategy includes comprehensive competitive analysis; the finalized target keyword phrase list; structural recommendations; optimized meta-tag content; optimized page content that reflects the relevant keyword selections while still portraying the proper messages; link development recommendations; and the baseline search engine index report.

During this step, recommendations from the Analysis step are incorporated into your website. This task is required for the effective conduct of the Submission step and may be performed by DublinBlueTM or by you.

After the Optimization step is complete, DublinBlueTM will submit your website to the top search engines and directories. Several of the major search engines and directories charge an annual submission fee for commercial websites. These submission charges are included in our fee. Note that it can take up to 90 days for inclusion into the major search engines. Due to the volume of submissions received by the major search engines, repeated submissions may be necessary.

SEO Benefits & Deliverables

  • SEO Strategy Document
  • Comprehensive Analysis of each Major Competitor’s SEO Strategies
  • Finalized Target Keyword Phrase List
  • Recommendations for Structural and Navigation Changes Creation of Optimized Meta-tag Content
  • Creation of Optimized Page Content
  • Link Popularity Development Recommendations
  • Benchmark of Current Rankings
  • Website Optimizations Implemented by DublinBlueTM or You
  • Submission to the Most Popular Search Engines and Directories
  • Increased Rankings

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