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  Developing Smart Websites

DublinBlue helps companies bridge the gap between average websites and great websites. Great websites are smart. They get your visitors to the information they're looking for with ease. They convey your message to the world while still appealing to the search engines.

Smart websites are a combination of looks AND brains.

DublinBlue understands the importance of making a site work on multiple levels. The best websites are those that make everyone happy. The company, the customer and the search engines. By intriguing the customer, making site maintenance effortless and boosting visibility to the search engines you've got a website that can't lose.

Efficiency is of the utmost importance when you're running a business. BlueCMS allows companies to maintain their website without a webmaster. The editing capabilities of this technology allow for anyone, regardless of technical ability, to add and delete pages and update or modify the site's content. If you can get around in Microsoft Word, you can use the BlueCMS editor.

When you're building a new website you've got to keep the search engines in mind. What good is an attractive, well functioning website if no one can get to it? DublinBlue will build your site with both the consumer and the search engines in mind. There are ways of getting the search engines to visit your site frequently, index all of your pages, and raise your status in the rankings. DublinBlue knows how to make it happen through building smart websites.

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