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Website Development

DublinBlue approaches each website development project via a proven, disciplined methodology that ensures repeatable success.  Each engagement goes through four distinct phases: Analysis, Design, Implementation and Test & Acceptance.

Goals and objectives, target audience, high-level requirements, desired functionality and the site map are determined during the first phase. Deliverables include a web site strategy document and the site map.

During the second phase, the architecture of the site is determined, all database tables are designed, and the home and sub-pages are prototyped. Deliverables include the home and sub-page prototypes.

The web site is developed according to the strategy document and designs created in the prior phase. The site is hosted within a development environment to facilitate the frequent incremental testing of components by the design team. Basic search engine optimization techniques are also performed during this phase.

Test & Acceptance
This final phase commences with the restricted hosting of the completed web site for test and evaluation purposes by the client and the design team. Any discrepancies found are resolved prior to delivery of the completed web site. Deliverables include all custom programming, licenses to any third-party dynamic link libraries or controls and the database and web site graphical components. Launch coordination is also provided at this stage of the project.

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